Our Process

We set realistic time expectations for sellers and buyers, giving time to the transaction process to ascertain the current market value of an asset. We are proactive, confidential, and targeted with our marketing strategy and leave no 'stone unturned' to find a suitable match for our clients.

Like many advisors, we confidentially post on paid exchanges and websites. We also utilize our extensive network of business owners, investors, and professionals to market an opportunity. However, we take it a step further. In collaboration with our clients, we research and identify potential financial and/or strategic buyers or sellers. Do the arduous, tedious, time-consuming task, and pick up the phone and call/connect and build relationships with our identified targeted prospect list to find the one counterpart we need to close a transaction.

Moreover, our "All in 1 Advisory'' feature, is an additional tool for clients, providing them with a trusted source of related professional services, to efficiently and seamlessly complete all transaction aspects, from start to finish, and get our clients to closing. To demonstrate, P&G not only represents sell and buy-side clients. We provide financing through Pharus Funding Partners, with access to over 150 lenders, utilized for a variety of funding needs, including business asset purchase agreements, commercial real estate (CRE), bridge loans, working capital, and more. United Real Estate can advise/process/manage CRE sale or lease, with or without the business asset. Finally, The Blake Agency, Inc. can provide the commercial insurance required by a lender to close a business acquisition or a CRE transaction. We can also refer qualified accountants or attorneys competent in the specific disciple needed for a transaction. However, most clients prefer to utilize their own professionals for these disciplines. Thus, with one trusted advisor, we can seamlessly manage the sales cycle from start to finish, saving our clients considerable time and money.


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